What's New : Got Coconut development board approval for the project on preservation & packaging of tender coconut water.

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Socio-Economic Footprint

It is an accepted fact that processing of any agro product enhances its commercial value manifold. When tender coconut is marketed in raw form, the chance of value addition is totally lost which, in turn, results in lower price for the produce with a short shelf life and hence the coconut farmers are deprived of better profits.

Absence of a modern tender coconut water processing and packing facility in the vicinity of where our factory is going to be located is considered a huge handicap for the coconut farmers there in selling their product at a competitive price. This often results in large off take of locally produced tender coconuts to the other distant centres of Kerala for processing.

Our project, besides eliminating the above handicap, is also expected to generate direct employment of up to 8500 man days in a year. The project is estimated to result in indirect employment generation in various allied sectors such as transport, raw materials, mechanical and electrical industry, infrastructure and food.

The project has an ambitious plan to impart training in food processing to the female members of the rural households and make them employable in the processing unit. This will be a source of income for the rural women.

Moreover, setting up of a project of this kind in that area will be highly beneficial to the large coconut farming community there as it will stand to benefit by being able to market the produce within the district.